I love to paint Nature murals. Children's rooms are my favorite.

The photos below are of a child's bedroom that I painted a year ago.  The client had chosen some children's book illustrations for me, that her children enjoy.  I basically know what I can and can not paint and this Mural took off from that point.  
 It is really up to the clients immagination and my abilities.  
I have been painting Murals for years....just did not always photograph them. 

                                              These are wooden knobs for the child's dresser.
                                     It's the little details that make a painted room come together.
This photo is of a pine Cornice that was custom made to fit above the bedroom window, and flow into the existing tree I had painted on the wall.
          My son helped me hold it up and mark where the tree branches would flow into the Cornice.

This was a boy and girl bedroom....twins.  It was a challenge to put rugged boy things he liked and then the other side of the room was all flowered up with flowers..bunnies and she loves lady I just had to add them here and there. 

It is a lot of fun customizing murals to what the client enjoys.

Painting windows for the Holidays in our area.