About Me

                                             My 12 yr. old son took this photo of Me

Hi, I am Rachel...the mother of 2 boys, who I home school.   Ages 12 & 10.  They have successfully captured my heart.  I married my High School sweetheart, David and I am living my dream. 

                                                                 The men in my life.
We live very simply.  I enjoy the natural things.  Being in Nature is where I belong. 
(Green Acres theme song...."Fa a a r m  livin' is the life for me"..........

Photography is something I really enjoy.  I love being able to capture the little things that we may over look in our daily lives. 

I grew up in Indiana, with 3 older brothers.  We raised hogs...lots and lots of pigs.  There was always the aroma of a farm.  My parents divorced before I was 10 and life changed dramatically after that.  Thus, the reason I am living in Florida. 
I am SO Thankful that my husband is a 3rd generation Floridian,  (aka... "a good ole' boy") He too was raised around animals...mostly cattle.
I now have what I loved about Indiana, except... the 4 seasons.
We live a "farm like" lifestyle.  Only one pig tho.  Lots of chickens, one dog, one cat..a turkey..lizards....the list goes on and on.  I am sure I will post photos of them all.

                                                          Sweet "home", Indiana!!!

 I am passionate about the things of God.  He is my main focus. 
John 15 is currently my favorite chapter in the Bible. 
"Abide, Abide, Abide...Apart from Me, you can do nothing"
(I tend to prefer the New Living Translation and the Amplified)

Yep, that sums it all up.  I still have some dreams that are yet fulfilled.....my job is to stay connected to the Vine....His "job" is to keep His promises,  and He does!    It's a New Year and a new day...God knows my desires...and I fully trust Him. 

I am sure I will post my heart for all to read here on my Blog.  I try to be very purpose full about all I do.  I believe and hope that my posts will encourage you to draw closer to God.  To know Him. 

In Him I have found Freedom!

May you always have your hearts desires, 

I am pursuing mine,