Tuesday, October 23, 2012

                                THIS is Priscilla Hope !
She is 9 yrs. old and lives in China. 
My husband's sister, Deena and her husband Mike adopted her when she was just a baby. 
They do Missionary Work.
I get to see her about every other year. 
But, this past yr. has been an exception. 
Her family came to the states this past June. 
I then traveled to China in July and it is now, October and I am so blessed to see her again.  
What a wonderful blessing.
Priscilla has such great joy.
I see a beautiful young woman emerging. 
 She makes me smile. 
It seems to me that we enjoy
a lot of the same things.
We like to Color and draw.
We love kittens and other sweet animals.
We have a servants heart. 
We also like the thrill of riding a 4-wheeler. 
I grew up with 3 older brothers...she is doing the same. (sort of)
Most importantly.....
We both love Jesus.
I am so honored to know this young lady. 
I see the love of God in all that she does.  
I believe that
many will follow in her foot steps. 
I know I will do my best
to be there every step of the way.


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    1. Yes, I think so. lol It was been a wonderful year of bonding with her. :)


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