Tuesday, October 23, 2012

                                THIS is Priscilla Hope !
She is 9 yrs. old and lives in China. 
My husband's sister, Deena and her husband Mike adopted her when she was just a baby. 
They do Missionary Work.
I get to see her about every other year. 
But, this past yr. has been an exception. 
Her family came to the states this past June. 
I then traveled to China in July and it is now, October and I am so blessed to see her again.  
What a wonderful blessing.
Priscilla has such great joy.
I see a beautiful young woman emerging. 
 She makes me smile. 
It seems to me that we enjoy
a lot of the same things.
We like to Color and draw.
We love kittens and other sweet animals.
We have a servants heart. 
We also like the thrill of riding a 4-wheeler. 
I grew up with 3 older brothers...she is doing the same. (sort of)
Most importantly.....
We both love Jesus.
I am so honored to know this young lady. 
I see the love of God in all that she does.  
I believe that
many will follow in her foot steps. 
I know I will do my best
to be there every step of the way.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Fall Y'all!

Today I woke up to that ole'
 familiar chill in the air.

it was October 1st!


I was thrilled that another Florida summer

                          was  f i n a l l y over.

I laid in bed feeling all cozy, with my blanket around my face. 

               I was savoring the moment. 

I was laying there remembering my days in Indiana. 

All the leaves on the ground. 

The smell of fall.....and Harvest time!!!

The piles and piles of raked leaves that my brothers and I would make forts out of. 

I could hardly wait to step outside and breath in the fresh cooler air...........

I got moving.....

 I let the dog out of his crate.......then
started making my coffee......
Headed for the back door...........

As I opened it.....sudden disappointment!
           It was still          hot and humid!          

                       I had set the AC too low the night before. 
                                          twas only a dream.....



                                Happy Fall to Y'all!

As for me......

                I will patiently wait for that coolness
                              in the "outside" air.